Professional album design tool

Integrated in Adobe® Photoshop®, endless creativity with your own style


Album DS Design Software is the perfect design solution

for albums of any style, magazine, coffee table, flush mount and even matted albums. It’s compatible with any album from any manufacturer and is also great for any other photographic design need.

Album DS spreads

Much more than just templates

Album DS is complete wedding album design software for the most demanding photographers who want to make more money by spending less time designing while at the same time delivering a superior product

  • Completely integrated with Adobe® Photoshop® works like a Photoshop® toolbar.
  • Save your designs as templates in PSD format.
  • Automatic template selection for your images.
  • Resizes any template to your album size and includes trimming guides.
  • Used pictures and templates control.
  • Resize, rotate and reposition your pictures many times without quality loss.
  • Displays thumbnails of designed pages for easy album story following.
  • Mask images easily, add backgrounds, clipart and styles.
  • Add your own designs to the library.
  • Using Photoshop® working area for applying effects, filters, etc.
  • PSD, JPG and TIF output.
  • Preassign templates to selected pictures.
  • Smart album automatic filling.
  • Fill template with selected pictures.
  • Integrated picture edition.
  • Layout feature to predesign whole album in a few seconds.
  • Automatic album design for all pictures.
  • Integrated spread designer.
  • Exports to web format.
Album DS as Photoshop toolbar

Album DS works as a toolbar for Adobe® Photoshop®.

Album DS commands Photoshop® in a fast way so that most of the works that usually take a bunch of steps if manually made only need a double click in the main Album DS window.
For sample: if you want to place a picture into a sheet you would need to open the file, copy the layer from the picture file, paste it in the target document, resize the picture layer and crop it for your needs. Using Album DS you only need to select the target shape layer in the document and double click at the picture in Album DS, but … there is more, Album DS will automatically rename the picture layer allowing for a direct link with the file, will rotate the picture if needed, will place it centered or at the top left corner of the shape and will NOT crop the image because it’s not needed as the shape layer makes this function, also will mark the picture as used for pictures tracking.
But this is only the head of the iceberg, Album DS has so many features not available in any other software like preferred template ( and background, mask, etc) folders for any project, automatic creation of the whole album, web site creation, slideshow, easy templates saving, etc.
And we have to mention that all files used by Album DS are standard files and you may add your own very easily, you can even use templates from other producers by adapting them in a few steps. No restrictionss for creativity.

Album DS, Photoshop® and your Creativity: a Winner Team

Album DS is compatible with Adobe® Photoshop® CS to Creative Cloud. We recommend using CS3 or higher to be able to use the multiple layer selection and other features in Photoshop®.

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Album DS subscription allows you to use and install the application in up to two computers providing the user is unique and the same in both (for example a desktop and a laptop), it doesn’t matter if one is for Windows and the other a Mac.

Album DS subscription is valid for one renovable year.

Try it NOW for 30 days. Album DS trial version is fully functional and includes a subset of all the add ons from the licensed version.

Album DS for Mac OS X

Album DS for Mac OS X
Album DS is compatible with Mac OS X 10.10 or higher

MOJAVE and up users:
Apple has added a new security feature and you will be prompted to allow Album DS to control Photoshop, if you don’t confirm this Album DS won’t communicate with Photoshop. You may change this behaviour at any time at System Preferences – Privacy – Automation.
Also you have to grant Photoshop access to Documents folder, this can be done at System Preferences – Privacy – Files and folders

Album DS for Windows

Album DS for Windows
Album DS is compatible with Windows Vista or higher (64bits only)

In case you receive a SmartScreen warning stating this software may harm your computer please click at more info and then Run anyway. This warning is due to Microsoft’s reputation system forcing developers to purchase expensive certificates. This application is free of virus and won’t harm your computer.

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