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How much does Album DS costs?


  • Album DS only costs 150€ / $175 for the downloadable version. All discounts are already reflected on the price

  • Album DS includes more than 4.5 Gb of add ons (templates, backgrounds, masks, etc)
  • You will get a FREE license for your laptop, this license entitles you to install and use Album DS in a second computer of your own providing you are the only user of both computers and is not used simultaneaously with the first license.

And remember: Album DS license is a lifetime license but you will get also one complete year of free support and updates, once this year has finished you may decide between renewing support contract for a low fee and enjoy from new updates or just continue using the version you already have


Purchase an Album DS license


 Please note:

In case you need to install Album DS also in the computer of an employee or another permanent workstation please purchase an additional license. 

 Installing and using Album DS in a computer of a third person, like a freelance designer working for you, is specifically not allowed even with the purchase of an additional license. Any commercial use of the application requires a separate license.