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Album DS proofing system


A new feature for easy album proofing has been added to Album DS, it allows you to show your albums to your customers and request their comments in an easy and fast way. It's web based and you may use it at your own website or any other hosting with PHP compatibility. 


The Album DS Proofing system is provided with Album DS version 6.9 and higher, you will see a new compressed file in your Album DS folder, please don't unzip the file as this will be done automatically by Album DS.

HereI'll show you how to use this new feature: 

At Album DS main menu select Create album proofing files option ( in new version 9 this option is available at the Album tab and right clicking to get the menu)


Create album proofing files in Album DS


A window will appear where you have to input some details for the proofing system:


Album DS album proofing system



Album title: The text that will appear as title in the website

Album width: Sets the width in pixels of the album files, regarding that the system automatically resizes to the browser window this size is used to set the maximal width at which the album has the highest quality. Please take in mind that this setting also determines the size and weight of the image files and therefore the performance of the system. Minimal size is 600pixels and a common size would be 1000 pixels

Password: sets the password to protect the album from unwanted comments, you have to send this password to your customers in order to allow them to place new comments in the album. Without a password visitors can only see the album and play the slideshow, this allows for sharing the album with family and friends without enabling the commenting feature.

Email address: this is the email address used by the system to send an email when the user ( customer) selects the Send option in the application. There is no need to use the Send option as comments are available immediatelly after their edition just by visiting the site or refreshing but it may be used as a kind of approval or just contacting system. 

Music Text: You may replace the music for the slideshow with your own, just replace the file music.mp3 in the data subfolder ( once the system has created the files), but as you already may know many musicians only allow to use their music on the web if you include a copyright notice, please use this field to input it. 

Album cover: Please select the file to be used as cover for the album, remember that it must be half the width of an album sheet. Alternatively you may use the left or rigth side of the first sheet in the album folder.

Album back file: Please select the file to be used as back cover for the album, remember that it must be half the width of an album sheet. Alternatively you may use the left or rigth side of the last sheet in the album folder.


Finally click at Create album proofing files, Album DS will create the needed files in a subfolder of your current album called Proofing


Album DS proofing system


You have to upload this files to a folder in your website using any of the FTP programs available or another uploading feature in your hosting, for example:

Let's say your website is , you may create a folder called John_Wendy ( we recommend to use underscore instead of space between words) with your FTP program and upload the files. Then the link to the proofing system will be:  or   ( index.html is a default file for web browsing). 


Please remember that the same link will later be used to access the comments by yourself.


Now lets take a look into the content of the data folder:


Album DS proofing system



You will find some image files and:

- music.mp3 : this is the music for the slideshow, you may replace this file but the name should remain the same "music.mp3"

- albumcommentsdata.xml : Almost empty for now, it will be used to save the comments

- background.jpg : the image file used as background, just change it to match your website and include your logo or any info you consider appropiate. Please remember to keep the file as small as possible for a faster download. 

- albumimagesdata.xml : contains the details of the album, don't change this file

- language.xml : this file contains the texts to be displayed at the system, by default they are in english but you may replace the file with any of the different language files provided (,, etc), just change the extension of the file. Of course you may also edit this file and translate to any other language to localize the proofing system and suit the needs and preferences of your customers. 


Once uploaded, please use your web browser and input the link to visit the album proofing system


Album DS proofing system




A live demo is available at  ( password is demo)


Album DS Album proofing system live demo


Please note: Allthough we have tested the Album DS proofing system on several websites and browsers we can not guarantee that it will work on your website and unfortunatelly can not provide you with technical support at this respect. The system saves the comments and sends email using PHP commands, some sites have intrincate protections and spam filters that may not allow this, please check first and use at your own risk.