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Backup of Album DS and reinstalling from the backup

Reinstallation of Album DS must be done from the backup, in our server we only keep the last version of the application and therefore if you need to redownload the files you will have to download the last version. Downloading can only be done if you have a valid updates contract, first year is for free and you may renew it at our online shop for only 60€. 

We can't keep old versions of Album DS in the server, it is a very large application (more than 4,5 Gb) and therefore redownloading old versions is not possible, thanks for your understanding.


Instructions for creating the backup (versions 10 and 9):

  • First complete the installation of all the add ons
  • Copy the whole Documentos\Album DS folder into an external drive like H:. Now you will have a folder like H:\Album DS, this folder should have a size between 5 and 9 Gb depending if you have made the installation with the DVD or downloading.
  • Copy the file AlbumDS_setup.exe (Windows) or AlbumDS.dmg (Mac) to the same H:\Album DS folder. This is the folder used for the installation, you will find it in your Downloads folder. 
  • Keep the external drive into a safe place, don't overwrite the Album DS folder.
  • NEVER make a backup into the same internal drive, in case of failure you will loose both the application and the backup.


Instructions for reinstalling from the backup:

Versions 10 and 9:

  • Execute the installer from the Album DS folder in the backup. For Windows you need to execute AlbumDS_setup.exe and follow the instructions, for Mac double click at AlbumDS.dmg and drag the folder to Applications
  • Copy the Album DS folder from the external drive into the Documents folder of your computer, if prompted please select to overwrite current files
  • Delete the file Documents\Album DS\AlbumDS.db, this is the preferences file of Album DS
  • Execute Album DS


Version 8:

We don't recommend installing this version due to the changes introduced by Adobe for extensions support.

  • Execute the file AlbumDS8.zxp from the backup to start the installation with Adobe Extension Manager
  • Copy the Album DS folder from the backup into the Documentos folder of your computer
  • Start Photoshop and open the extension 


Version 7:


  • Copy the Album DS folder from the backup into your external drive, for sample to C:\Album DS
  • Delete the files C:\Album DS\Album.txt, C:\Album DS\Position.txt, C:\Album DS\Preferences.txt
  • Start the application from C:\Album DS or create a shortcut in your desktop 


  • Copy the folder from the backup made with the application. WARNING: in this version the backup was made from in the Add Ons installation window.
  • Start the application, it will restore the needed files