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Installation and activation of Album DS version 10


Once you confirm your order you will get an automated email from our online shop with a link to download the software, this installer is the same as the trial version and therefore if you have already installed the trial you don't need to reinstall it. 

WINDOWS: Just execute the installer and you will get a sortcut for Album DS in your desktop and Windows menu.

MAC: Double click the dmg file to get a new volume, drag the Album DS application from left to right into the Applications folder. Then close the volume and start Album DS from Applications. You may drag the application to your dock for a faster access. 

After starting you will be prompted to select the Photoshop version and a welcome window will appear, close it and check that your language and meassurement units are correctly set at the Configuration option. 


Once you purchase a license at our online shop you must activate the license to be able to download the full add ons and use the application without restrictions, to do this please select the License option at Album DS menu Settings - License

Activating Album DS 10 license
At this window please input following details:

  • Email, the one used for placing your order
  • Name
  • Validity of the updates contract, the date is one year after your order but in following format: YYYY-MM-DD 

Finally click at Request activation and the application will connect to our server to check your license details and activate it. If all is fine you will be prompted to restart Album DS. 

Now please select the Settings - Installation option at the main menu.
Installing Album DS 9 add ons

Remember that Album DS is a large application with more than 8.000 files and 4Gb, the download of all add ons may take several hours. Once finished please create a copy of the Album DS folder from Documents into an external drive with the installer (AlbumDS.dmg or AlbumDS_setup.exe).  

You will need the backup for reinstalling. To redownload Album DS you need a current updates contract because we only keep the last version in our server, therefore to install older versions you must use your backup.

NOTE: Please don't download again the trial version of Album DS unless indicated, the version is sensible to your updates contract date and won't run if your contract is out of date. If you need to reinstall please do it with the backup.