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Calendars for Album DS


Album DS uses calendars in PDF format stored in the Cliparts folders, this PDF files are automatically placed in the sheet when you doble click such a clipart. PDF calendars ,may be resized and easily adapted to your calendar format. But the text in the PDF can not be changed, therefore it's important to have a way to customize the calendar at maximum.

Calendar creator for Open Office

This is an easy calendar creator fully customizable for Open Office, you may change the complete appearance of the calendar and then use it for Album DS.
You may download it from the original site:
or a slightly modified version for Album DS from:

- Once downloaded open the file with Open Office.
- Adjust cells B16, and B17 for the current year and month. Input them as numeric values
- input which day the week starts in B18. This should be a text value and MUST be one of the availables at C26 to C32.
You may check the result of this changes in the calendar as soon as they have been entered, or recalculate pressing F9

Now input all holiday dates for your location in the fields B26 to B44, if you need more dates you may insert some rows between. Please write the dates in the appropiate format for your location, for sample "dd/mm/yy". You may check your own country holiday dates at

Finally you have to change the value in fields B16 for the next months and print the result for each month in PDF format. You may do this by selecting the cells to print and then print to PDF. If you don't have a PDF printer driver you may download a free one from


Calendar template for Album DS


Once all calendars are ready in PDF format just create a small thumbnail for each of the PDF files, for sample:
If the calendar file is January2011.pdf then you have to create a 100x100 pixels JPG file named Januar2011.jpg and put it in the same folder as the PDF file. The content of the JPG may be just a text like "January 2011" over a white background.

The PDF files and the related JPG files have to be saved into a subfolder of Album DS's Cliparts, for sample in Cliparts\Calendars2011 to make them visible for Album DS.

To place a calendar in a sheet using Album DS please double click the calendar in the cliparts tab, then you may resize it at your convenience. I kindly suggest you to change the blend mode to Darken for a better result as it will leave the white part transparent.

If you are looking for an Excel template please search on:

Excel templates are very similar to the Open Office one explained here, just remember that you need to print the result in PDF format and create a thumbnail to use the calendar in Album DS.