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Creating a mask file for Album DS


In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to create your own masks, it's a very easy and fast process.


First we need to create an empty document in Photoshop, I suggest a 2000 x 2000 pixels document but it can be of any size considering that a larger document will have more definition. Sometimes higher definition is not the best option for a mask because we usually look for feathering the borders, therefore the suggested size is probably the best working, it's important to create a square document because we don't know a priori if the picture is in horizontal or in vertical format and a square one will fit all; you may also create masks only for vertical / horizonta pictures .

Creating your own masks for Album DS 

Now you have to understand that a mask is made of white areas and black areas ( of any opacity), black areas will hidden the picture and white areas will show it.

Therefore the next step will be selecting a brush to paint the dark areas, you may use any brush at any size, even brushes downloaded from the net. In this case I will select a wet brush from Photoshop's predefined brushes

Selecting a brush to paint your own masks for Album DS 

Select black as foreground color in Photoshop tools and just start painting one of the sides of the document, moving the brush will paint it all black; depending on the selected brush may be the best result is to click and release each time. 

Painting your own mask for Album DS 

Once the side has been painted do the same with the top or bottom side

Painting your own mask for Album DS 

IMPORTANT: Check that the most out border is completely painted in black, take in mind that the mask will be applied to a shape layer inheriting his size, in case you have light areas at the border you may get strokes there.

Now you have 2 options: painting the other 2 sides or just create a copy of the layer and rotate it 180º

Creating your own mask for Album DS 


Change the blending mode to Multiply and flatten the layers to get only one layer with all 4 sides painted.

creating your own mask for Album DS 

You only have to save the document using Album DS integrated feature at Sheet - Save as mask, you may save the document in a new folder if desired

Creating your own mask for Album DS


And the new mask will appear in the masks tab of Album DS, like the originally provided ones:

Creating your own mask for Album DS 

We may use the new mask by double clicking at it after having selected a shape layer in Photoshop

Creating your own mask for Album DS 

Remember: working with Photoshop and Album DS doesn't limit your creativity and you may easily create your own templates, masks, backgrounds, etc.