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Remember: If you are an Album DS registered user with an up to date support contract you will receive the update instructions a few days after the release of a new version.

Version 11.3 (October 2017)

  • Compatible with Adobe Photoshop CC 2018.
  • Improved layout tool.

Version 11 (April 2017)

  • New Wizard / Layout to predesign the whole album by dragging images and templates to spreads, just export to Photoshop and it will create the album for you.
  • New redesigned interface. Includes smooth scrolling lists with automatic change from single row lists to multirow. Additional lists are dockable to convert Album DS in a true Photoshop toolbar.

Version 10.9 to 10.9.3 (November - December 2016)

  • Compatible with Adobe Photoshop CC 2017
  • Predefined album sizes are updated automatically from our server. New major labs have been added
  • Layers for images which are not full bleed will be automatically repositioned into the safe area of the predefined margins
  • Included automatic self updating system

October 2016

  • New templates for a large number of pictures (27-32).
  • New templates with rounded shapes.
  • New templates and clipart for 2017 calendars.

Version 10.8.3 ( 15th June 2016)

  • Compatible with Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.5

Version 10.8 ( End of May 2016)

  • Added menu at top for album management, settings, installation and license options. Buttons at window are now only for navigation panels and Designer for an easier use. 

Version 10.7 ( May 2016)

  • New ornamental backgrounds
  • New templates with curves and ornaments
  • Backgrounds and masks automatic zoom while hovering the mouse

Version 10.6 ( March - April 2016)

  • Color management for thumbnails and previews
  • 64bits for Mac
  • Designer includes mode 2:3 with more than 1700 new layouts
  • Designer vertical and horizontal layouts flipping, including automatic layout variations
  • Live layouts preview in Designer with automatic magnifier, showing end results with current pictures
  • Better pictures alignment with a new homogenization algorithm in Designer
  • Interface redesigned to match operating system and high resolution monitors


Version 10.5 ( December 2015)

  • Faster load of pictures, around 2x times faster
  • In Mac improvement of path handling for avoiding some errors with unnamed volumes

Version 10.4.0 ( October 2015)

  • 2016 Calendars

Version 10.4.0 ( September 2015)

  • Compatibility with Mac Retina computers
  • Improved Designer with more features like rotation and brush


Version 10.3.0 ( August 2015)

  • New templates with rounded corners
  • Downloader of template previews for next template updates


Version 10.2.0 ( June 2015)

  • Compatible with Photoshop CC 2015


Version 10.1.5 ( May 2015)

  • 50 new masks
  • Bug correction when loading pictures in the Designer after saving a sheet if hidding used pictures is enabled
  • Corrected a possible bug getting exif capture date of pictures
  • Corrected a bug in the pictures interchange if the sheet has no background layer
  • Corrected a possible bug setting vertical or horizontal margin in the Designer if no pictures are available
  • Enabled the option to create a cover or backcover wider than a sheet
  • Bug correction while opening exported albums, it doesn't returned correct relative path
  • Bug corrected when pressing Shift and dragging an empty sheet
  • Displaying correctly units in Configuration
  • Exporting from Designer now uses inner stroke in Photoshop like in the Designer


Version 10.1 ( March 2015)

  • Designer window can be resized
  • Clicking at pictures separation icon (at left of the slider) you may input separating in cm or inches
  • Bug correction when saving files including a dot in the path
  • Bug correction when setting "Adjust shapes when autofilling" and "Adjust shapes to template maximum size" in Configuration
  • In Windows, communication has been modified to avoid a possible error if Windows registry doesn't point to the correct Photoshp version
  • Pictures sorting faster, both when dragging pictures in the pictures list or after selecting order by date / Exif
  • New icon (bottom at left and right ) in the Designer to input vertical and horizontal margins in cm or inches, after entering this margins layout changes and pictures dragging will take them in account to create the new layout.
  • In Mac corrected undo process to accept Cmd + Z. Now you may undo 9 steps back using Cmd + Z or Ctrl + Z


Version 10 ( February 2015)

  • Sheets and templates Designer:
  • Millions of layout combinations. Dragging selected pictures into the design area creates a layout automatically. - Different layouts for left and right page. All layers can be moved freely, just select and move. Magnetic alignment between layers, margins and borders. Pictures can be moved and resized in their own layers. Alignment and equidistant distribution tools. Tools for applying same vertical, horizontal or both size to all selected layers. Center of the sheet can be moved to the sides. Selecting multiple layers and modifying size and position. Adjusting gap between selected layers. Apply frames and shadows to selected layers. Changing opacity of selected layers. Inserting new picture between two other pictures (border color changes to red). Inserting new picture at the border of other pictures (border color changes to red). Adding a new picture to the design without changing layout. Adding masks to pictures. Adding backgrounds to the sheet and changing opacity. Adding a picture as background by dragging it to the backgrounds icon. Different background colors for each page, left and right. Replacing pictures in layers by dragging them from one layer to another or from the list to a layer. Exporting to Photoshop to continue design with Album DS. You may assign 0, 1, 2 or 3 stars to layouts to mark favorites and filter by them. Layers can be overlapped and set which is the most front layer.
  • Picture folders, adding pictures now takes care of the folder and you may filter later by folder. Pictures folder list is collapsible
  • New album management window, more intuitive and includes list of recent albums. Different sizes for cover and back cover.
  • Design options are now separate from management: designer, pictures, sheets, masks, backgrounds, cliparts, frames, styles and extras are now in one group of buttons and album management, album options, configuration, license, installation and help in another saving space and making the application easier to use.
  • Template, mask, backgrounds, clipart, frames and style folders are now collapsible
  • Added menu to select / deselect all folders at masks, backgrounds, clipart, frames and styles
  • Templates view can be hidden now by double clicking at the separator
  • Autofilter updating is now much faster, specially with many template folders selected
  • After searching for a file the automatic templates filter is updated
  • By saving a sheet the application now proposes the same folder and name if it was already saved or the folder of the last saved sheet
  • Picture scrolling doesn't updates filter which enables faster scrolling
  • Album resizing is now made in a separate window creating a copy of the current album with the new size. The new resized album is then automatically loaded in Album DS.
  • Templates menu option to design cover and backcover with the new Designer
  • In Windows version of 32 and 64bits have been unified for a stronger and smoother communication. The application adapts to the bits of the Photoshop version automatically (but remember you still have to select Ps version)
  • Correction of some bugs opening multilayer frames, editing predefined sizes, layers selection, smarty filling, etc


Version 9.2.6 ( December 2014)

  • Error correction in Windows when using a display font size different from the default one.
  • Elements loading in templates has been modified to correct a possible bug in Mac and show not found files in Mac and Windows.
  • The option to move the Album DS folder from Documents has been discarded, please contact support to move the folder manually if needed.
  • Bug correction for picture file names or paths using non english characters while loading pictures.
  • New database download process has been modified to avoid possible file locking in Windows.


Calendars ( October 2014)

  • Cliparts and templates for 2015 calendars

Version 9.2.0 ( June 2014)

  • Compatibility with Adobe Photoshop CC 2014
  • Solved some minor issues with layer names

Version 9.1.1 ( April 2014)

  • Added updating single picture and all pictures
  • Added option to select a different path for the Album DS folder
  • 9.0.8 Corrected some problems with decimal separator on predefined sizes
  • Added italian and french user guides
  • 9.0.7 Modified automatic filling processes for using smart objects
  • 9.0.1 - 9.0.6 Pictures, sheets, templates, masks counter at the status bar
  • When saving a sheet it always gets the last ordering place
  • Option to rename a single sheet
  • Corrected an error using apostrphes in Mac
  • Better memory management adding pictures in Pc
  • Corrected decimal separator errors for some countries
  • Progress bar
  • Corrected an autofilter error for templates without numbering
  • Corrected error interchanging pictures
  • Corrected layer name for rotated pictures
  • New predefined album sizes for recommended labs
  • Improvement on the warnings for color space mismatches


Version 9 for Macintosh (January 2014)

Version 9 for Windows ( November 2013)


  • Version 9 mereges all Photoshop version in only one and is compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.1, CS6 and CC.
  • Included an option to immediately fill a template after dragging it to the selected pictures in smarty mode
  • Templates are now at the Pictures tab, making possible a faster selection and the ability to assign a template by only dragging it
  • Previews and template controls can be easily resized
  • Faster dragging of pictures and sheets for ordering
  • Better visulization of templates assigned to pictures, both for the thumbnail and the preview
  • Faster preview of pictures and templates
  • Improvement of masks to avoid dark borders


Calendars for 2014 ( October 2013)

  • Released the new calendar templates and cliparts for 2014

New add ons for babies ( June 2013)

  • New backgrounds, cliparts and templates dedicated to babies, 74 high resolution backgrounds, 45 cliparts and 40 modifiable and combinable templates

Version 8.2 for CS6 and new templates ( May 2013)

  • Autofilter: Templates are automatically filtered to show the appropiate for the pictures selected in the Pictures tab. This can be activated at the Autofilter button below the template folders.
  • Complete autofilter: Indicates autofilter to include also the orientation of the selected pictures ( vertical / horizontal), this is settable at the Configuration panel.
  • Smart filling in templates menu: Places the selected pictures in the template but taking in mind that the first (main picture) should go to the largest shape layer ( if complete autofilter has been set it also takes care of orientation of the main picture), the rest of the pictures will go in their respective shape layers regarding their orientation ( if they are not enough right oriented shapes it will take the next by order).
  • Assign template in templates menu: Assigns the template to the selected pictures, a template thumbnail is visible on this pictures. This assignation will be used later for smarty filling the album
  • Unassign template in pictures menu: Removes the template assignation for the selected pictures. If assigning a new template the previous one is automatically unassigned ( only one template can be assigned to a picture).
  • Smarty fill assigned template in pictures menu: Fills the assigned template with the corresponding pictures, starting from the initial picture and respecting the pictures order; but the pictures doesn't need to be together, the application will search for the next assigned to the same template.
  • Smarty fill the whole album: Fills automatically the whole album for all pictures with an assigned template. It starts with the first picture and fills the assigned template with the pictures assigned to the same template, then it goes to the next template. Pictures will only be used once and if the same template is again assigned to another pictures then a new sheet is created with this pictures. User will be prompted to select the folder for saving the sheets and sheets are numbered 001 to 999.
  • Improvement in the pictures preview: the first time a picture is previewed the application will cache the preview and next time preview will be a lot faster. Take in mind that the first preview will take slightly more time because the cached preview must be saved.
  • 180 new templates designed specifically for the automatic processes but usable also for any other design method.


Version 8.1.1 for CS6 ( March 2013)

  • Used pictures in the current sheet are grayed in the Pictures tab until the sheet is saved, then the picture is color framed or hidden
  • Updates correctly sheet thumbnails and previews after automatically updating an album with retouched pictures
  • Includes the option to hide used pictures ( before it was only possible to frame them) 
  • Corrects refresh of previews after selecting a new album 
  • New license handling including an online deactivation
  • Corrects an error loading folders after saving a clipart or background
  • Includes a new option in Configuration to rasterize automatically any new picture placed in the design, if not enabled the extension will place the pictures as smart objects like before


Communion templates ( February 2013)

  • A new set of templates and cliparts for communions have been released.


Version 8 for Adobe Photoshop CS6 ( December 2012)

  • Release of new version 8 for Photoshop CS6 as extension, includes drag & drop of pictures, automatic filling of selected templates, locate picture and many other features


Calendars for 2013 (October 2012)

Version 7  ( April 2012)

  • Compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS6. 
  • Compatible with Windows 8


Version 6.9.2  ( March 2012)

  • Polish language added


New backgrounds ( March 2012)


  •  200 new backgrounds have been added to Album DS making a total of 500


Version 6.9  ( December 2011)

  • New album proofing system. A demo is available at
  • Compatibility with Photoshop CS5.1 Extended for Pc version.
  • Full compatiblity with Mac OS X Lion. All modificable files are now in the user folder following Apple guidelines. 


Version 6.8  ( September 2011)

  • Template catalogue, new easy to use template browser and opener which can be kept open simultaneously to the main window. All template thumbnails and previews have been updated.
  • Compatibility with Photoshop CS5.1 Extended ( necessary for Mac).


Version 6.7  ( July 2011)

  • Add on folders content showed when saving a template, mask, etc. (Mac)
  • Preferred add-ons folder now opens correctly for each album.
  • Frames are placed better now, above the shape layer or at top
  • Add on folders resize correctly now when resizing main window (Mac)
  • Autofilling album updates used pictures and sheets (Mac)
  • 100 new templates 
  • 30 new backgrounds 
  • 30 new multi-layered decorative frames with automatic location of shape even if not centered by design


Version 6.5  ( February 2011)

  • 43 new high resolution backgrounds
  • 54 vectorial decorations
  • 37 assorted cliparts
  • 22 funny masks
  • 19 templates

Version 6.4.6  ( October 2010)

  • Saving as clipart included
  • Calendars for 2011

Version 6.4.4 - 6.4.5. ( July 2010)

  • Selection of 32 or 64bits is made at installation ( for Pc)
  • Corrected a bug inserting backgrounds in the Pc version


Version 6.4  (May 2010)

  • CS5 compatible
  • Available in 32 and 64bits for Pc


Version 6.3 ( Windows - April 2010) ( .NET version)

  • More stability
  • Faster creation of thumbnails
  • Better communication with Photoshop, any version of Photoshop has his own communication component. This means also that you may have more than one Photoshop version installed.
  • In most cases the answer from Photoshop is a lot faster.
  • The look of the application has been changed to integrate it in the newer operating systems.
  • Now you may Zoom in ( click) or Zoom out ( CTRL + click) at the previews.
  • In the Picture management feature now you may select different pictures by holding down CTRL and clicking without having to select all between.
  • You may autofill a template by selecting the pictures in the main Album DS window, you may hold down CTRL to select non correlative pictures. Album DS will respect the selection order while placing the pictures in the template.
  • Registration has changed and it's necessary to re-register the application, it's still hardware dependent but not for the operating system or hard drive.
  • Installer and updater features have been integrated into the executable, therefore the installer folder and AlbumDSInstaller separate tool is not needed, the Temp folder ( where zip files were downloaded) is now the Downloads folder.
  • No Windows libraries need to be registered, therefore you may backup the whole Album DS folder into a DVD and restore to disk without having to install anything. ( Just like in a Mac ;) )
  • Added a feature in Album - Create sheet indexes, will create a serie of documents in the Index subfolder of the project including a sheet preview and the list of used pictures for this sheet with thumbnail.
  • Improved the installation process at Help - Update. It's possible to select multiple options with CTRL and file server may be changed in case the predefined is down.
  • Color space settings have been disabled in Album DS to avoid confussion, please select the appropiate color space in Photoshop. It's recommended to set also "Convert to working space" and "Don't ask" when opening


Version 6.2.2

  • Correct translation of New button in the Album - New option for Pc version
  • Bug solved for sheets renaming in Sheets management option for Pc version.
  • Live help improved for Sheet management in Pc version


Version 6.2.1

  • Saving measurement system settings at start of the Pc version.


Version 6.2.0

  • Multilingual version, Album DS is now available in english, spanish, french, german, italian, dutch and portuguese for both Mac and Windows.
  • Stronger error control and correction
  • Live help available for any option in Album DS


Version 6.1.4

  • Correction of autorotation issues with some JPG's


Version 6.1.1

  • Automatic rotation of pictures depending on camera embedded Exif orientation data (camera rotation). Works on thumbnails and image previews.
  • The Mac version can now save templates with predefined and numbered Album DS supplied images instead of using one’s own images. This feature is already in the PC version and is useful when you want a visual of how templates are populated.
  • Predefined (numbered) images have been deleted from the main Album DS folder and saved in the Predefdata database which just tidies up the Album DS application folder.
  • Updated the error control that is used when importing more than 2000 pictures in Picture management. This eliminates possible errors and crashes when working with large numbers of pictures in a project.
  • Included a fix for the Mac version to avoid a crash when creating picture thumbnails from corrupt image files.
  • Corrected a bug in PC version that prevented minimizing the mouse over preview window.
  • Used templates are tracked and marked in the same manor and color as used Pictures. A template is considered used once it’s been opened. The user can unmark and mark templates freely with the right mouse click menu.
  • Improved the error control of last used album folders.
  • New options have been added to the Album Menu. Instead of New/Open being one command there are now new more descriptive options for projects. The New/Open option has been replaced with seperate items for New, Open, Edit and a menu item has been added to track and open any of the last 5 created projects.
  • Clipart section can now accept pdf files as smart objects and is used for the new calendars for 2010 (CS2 or higher needed for smart objects).
  • Mac Installer modified to include a faster and more reliable downloading system.
  • Installer modified to retrieve each user’s details from the Album DS online databases. This allows users to see all Album DS updates whether available to a user or not and color codes any updates not available. This feature allows a user to see what they are missing in the event they let their support and update contract lapse.
  • 20 new basic calendar templates have been added. There are also 12 ready to be used calendars for USA, Spain and International customers.
    New clipart and backgrounds (in clipart format) have been included for these calendar templates. Calendar dates are provided as clipart in PDF format so you may use any template for any month.
    Even the user may create their own months by using external software like Excel or Open Office and print them in PDF format, please save this files to a Clipart folder and remember to create a 100x100 pixels thumbnails.
    Best fusion mode for months is "Multiply" because it will hide the actual month background.



Version 6.0.1

  • Solved a bug in Windows version whith deleting pictures from the main window
  • Solved a problem in Windows version to split sheets with gutter
  • Solved a problem in Mac version related to importing large JPG files


Version 6.0

  • PC version has been redesigned and the buttons ( at left) for selecting the different options have been substituted by tab panels at top allowing for more space and easier access. This also minimizes differences between the Mac and PC versions and allows easier understanding of tutorials regardless of platform they are created with.
  • PC version includes a completely rewritten communication engine with Photoshop to avoid most of the problems when more than one version of Photoshop was installed or the installation was damaged. These errors primarily occurred while saving sheets ( no JPG file) or inserting a mask.
  • Preferences now includes an option to enable / disable automatic resizing of shaped layes in the autodesign feature, this feature when enabled will adjust shapes to proportions of pictures when using autodesign and when dissabled will insert pictures pinning the shortest side with no adjustment of shape layer.
  • Pictures can be centered now in the shape layers instead of placing in the top left corner by setting the center pictures in layer preference.
  • Shape layers can be resized automatically to fit the incoming picture in single sheet design. To use this option right-click over a picture and choose “Insert picture resizing”
  • Mouse over preview for sheets, masks, cliparts and backgrounds. The preview window is shared with templates preview window and can also be resized including zoom capabilities.
  • Mouse over preview windows can be docked to the main window, pictures dock on the left side of Album DS and sheets, templates, masks, cliparts, backgrounds on the right. These docked windows remain anchored to the Album DS window when moving or resizing as well.
  • New decorations have been added in eps format, included in the clipart section these files will be inserted as smart objects in the sheet and since they are vector designs the user may resize or rotate them without any definition loss.
  • New styles section has been added, these styles are effects to be used for pictures and the above described decorations. Just select a shape layer (for pictures) and double click on any photo style, it will be added to the shape layer effect (overwriting present effects). To add them to a decoration/clopart just select the clipart/eps layer in Photoshop and double click the desired layer style. They are full modifiable as true Photoshop effects, double click the effects layer and Photoshop's effect window will open to adjust bevel, shadow, strokes, etc. You may easily add your own styles, they are PSD files with one effect in a layer and the corresponding JPG file as thumbnail.
  • In the PC version the database engine has been completely redesigned for improved stability and performance. Sadly old projects databases are no longer compatible but they may easily be recreated. To recreate, delete the old database file from your existing project folder and Album DS will create a new, just input album sizes again. If you are unsure of the album size, simply open one of the previously designed pages in Photoshop and choose Image Size to obtain the dimensions.
  • Corrected a bug for selecting all pictures in Macintosh pictures management feature.
  • While saving as template Album DS will verify if the file already exists and alert if necessary.
  • Many new styles, clipart, templates and backgrounds have been added.
  • USB version is no longer available and will be replaced by a multi-seat license, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for conversion information.
  • Mouse wheel support included for PC version.



Version 5.5.2

  • Added an option to include complicated multilayered frames, this files must be in PSD format and end with “_d.psd” like “myframe_d.psd”. This frames are suitable to be used for shape layers and whole documents, will be resized to fit the target and some layers called Decor will mantain aspect ratio after resizing. Xmas frames of this type are included in the update.
  • Corrected a small resizing issue in the PC version wich showed the horizontal bar at full window size.
  • Corrected a problem with clipart in the Mac version, clipart layers were not correctly placed
  • 59 Christmas backgrounds
  • 14 special multilayered Christmas frames
  • 237 Christmas clipart


Version 5.5

  • Ready for Adobe Photoshop CS4
  • New feature to split all sheets of a project renaming the resulting pages in Oldname_Left and OldName_Right. Pages will be saved to folder Album_Splitted. If a Gutter is used for the album then it will be used to split the pages.
  • New central guide in the sheets. This guide is different from the Gutter and will be only used to mark the central guide size ( Photoshop guides)
  • Predefined album sizes can be used for the album. The sizes are saved in the Predefined folder, this way album company sizes can be easily added to Album DS. Asuka album sizes have been added until now to the predefined sizes.
  • Pictures folder is created after creating a new project or album
  • Permanent preview of pictures and templates, once selected a window remains open and shows the picture ( or template) where the mouse points to. This feature doesn' t substitute the preview feature and you may use both to compare pictures. Zooming and panning features are included in this preview window and you may also dock the window to the main Album DS one.
  • Pictures can be grouped into 5 groups. Grouping is available in the picture management window where multiple pictures can be added to the album and at the same time grouped by means of the right mouse popup menu, and also can be grouped at the main Album DS window ( right mouse menu). Once a picture is assigned to a group you may use the Filter by group feature available at the right mouse menu to show one group or any combination of groups. This way you may easily design first bride home, groom home, ceremony, etc.
  • Included an option to force updating thumbnails in the Pictures auxiliar menu.
  • When saving templates it checks if the file already exists.
  • 40 new templates are added to the templates being now a total of 600 for the basic version. Please take in mind that templates with special effects like film strips may require extra work to place correctly the shapes.
  • 21 new masks have been added also.
  • In Mac corrected a bug which moved all files instead of only used pictures by using the clean feature.
  • In PC after editing a picture now F5 has to be used to update the sheet and the thumbnails, this way a recursive control of the application activity is avoided which in some cases generated unexpected behavior and even crashes.
  • Improved memory management in the PC version.
  • In PC version the sorting preferences for pictures are now saved in the Preferences panel, therefore it's saved also between executions.
  • Automatic template filling now saves sheets with names between 01 and 99, this way correct sorting of sheets between 1 and 10 is assured.
  • Creating a new album will take initially the same dimensions as the old one instead of the until now default sizes.
  • Repair database feature included, this will compact and rewrite the database for the project.
  • New feature to resize all sheets of an album for a new size, also the resolution is changed if needed ( when working in not scaled mode).

Version 5.4

  • Thumbnails are now saved in a database file, for faster refreshing and global processing.
  • A Template preview is now available.
  • Progress indicator while loading source pictures and thumbnails.
  • Save and Save as ... windows have been redesigned to avoid any error or confusion while saving documents to incorrect folders, also translation has been improved.
  • Split with gutter function added to help with making products for press or where center overlap is needed.
  • Proofs creation with or without a watermark, selecting one template ( with space for one picture) Album DS fills the same template with one picture for all the available pictures. If the first layer is named "Watermark" it will be used for watermarking the picture. Album size will be used as defined in New - Open but Album DS will take care of vertical / horizontal pictures. Access proofing by right clicking (control-click) any thumbnail in the template window.
  • Sheets can now also be opened from the Sheets management window.
  • Album DS now remembers the selected folders at templates, masks, frames, backgrounds and cliparts for any project, will be saved when closing Album DS or opening another project and reused by opening the same project.
  • Making a selection in a sheet you can now double click a picture and automatically the needed Shape will be created with the selection size and position and the selected picture added.
  • Extras are disabled while working in scaled mode to avoid applying a picture effect to a scaled picture.
  • Internationalization for all Photoshop language versions.


Version 5.3.3

  • Improvements for the thumbnail process to allow a sensibly faster refresh of the main window.
  • Folder selection in the Picture management tool has been changed to avoid having to load all the thumbnails of not selected folders. File name visualization has been included in the Picture management tool for an easier file selection.

Version 5.3

  • New integrated picture management system, now you may easily select the pictures to be imported, includes a preview with zooming and panning capabilities. You may import one picture, a selection or all pictures. We recommend not to import more than the needed for your album, if later you need to import more you only have to use again the picture management tool. Also deleting pictures from the album is easier now and you may select a group of them. Please remember that deleting pictures for the album means actually moving them to the Pictures/Deleted folder instead of deleting. This window is fully resizable.
  • New sheets management tool, includes preview with zooming and panning; you may rename or delete sheets and Album DS will keep track of used pictures. You may also use this tool as a preview of the sheets. You may also resize this sheets management window.
  • At the Layout you may now select the size of the thumbnails for a better view.
  • Improved Slideshow with zooming and panning. Fully resizable.
  • Improved and easier selection of folder for your album, this should be the first step for any album. Remember that it 's not recommended to use the Sample folder for your own album.
  • More features in preferences, now it includes an option to select the color for framing used pictures.
  • Templates can be saved in full resolution now, settable in preferences.
  • New automation to create picture collages with a single pictures but for all the pictures available, this will be very usefull to create school packages.
  • Now you may use the half of a template for your sheet, press the right button over the template thumbnails and select Open right - Open left; if you need to design in page size then please input the size of the page at allbum settings ( instead of sheet / panoramic size).
  • Splitting sheet function corrected.
  • Some actions at "Album easy" improved, please delete the actual Album Easy action set at your Photoshop actions palette before starting Album DS 5.3 for first time, this will load the new set of actions included with the update.
  • New thumbnail engine, creates all thumbnails "at the fly", no more need for Thumbs folders in your project and better file view update.

Version 5.1

  • Leopard Compatibility


Version 5.0


  • Version numbering unified for PC and Mac


Version 4.1 PC and 2.2 for Mac

  • Added an option to rotate randomly shapes in the document for obtaining fast collage solutions.
  • Added an option to auto design collages with a unique picture, this automation runs like the Photoshop Picture Package but with a big advantage: it is based on PSD templates ( like any other album or collage template) and therefore you may use rotated shapes, effects, masks, frames, cliparts or backgrounds. Some template samples have been included at folder 40_Special. This auto design doesn 't optimize space for pictures because an exact location may be necessary for complex documents.
  • Resized window for PC version now shows a full horizontal view, the horizontal scroll is not needed when the window is resized to acomodate smaller screens.
  • Templates resizing has been improved to avoid placing shapes outside of the document even if the resize is large.
  • Now Mac version shows also the number of pictures, sheets and place for pictures in the showed templates.
  • Improved the template opening to fit resolution ( right mouse click in non scaled mode) to update the included cliparts and backgrounds.
  • Web creation process modified to accept the files at the main project folder, this way an Album folder is not necessary for non scaled albums.
  • Improved control over file name by "Save copy and close"
  • Corrected the showed pictures row after coming back from other processes.
  • Corrected identification of masks tags in the PC version
  • Extra buttons location changed to improve visibility for reduced windows.
  • Added a vertical and horizontal scroll option for extra buttons in the PC version.
  • Bug corrected in the Mac version to save templates without extension
  • Bug corrected in Mac version to avoid an error when cancelling the save sheet process.


Version 2.0 Mac

  • Now it 's possible to group masks and backgrounds in different subfolders, you may create their own subfolders and rearrange the files to put the moste used first. Please copy the most used to the first subfolder ( remember to copy also thumbnail files to the corresponding thumbs folder)
  • Extras option added, this are special effects for the pictures. You may use it for single document pictures or applied to picture layers in an album sheet.
  • Autodesign, now it is possible to design an album automatically. Several options have been included besides the already available "Import from layout.
  • Album - Autofill templates: Fills the templates available at the main window with the pictures visible by pressing the Pictures button. This way you may select the templates using filtering if needed, you may also group the needed templates in a new folder to use it later ( please see "Serie ..." templates sample). The templates button shows the number of pictures which can be placed in this templates. Only shown pictures at the main window are used, this means that the "Hide used pictures" option is used to filter the pictures. Of course the templates will be resized to the established album size. During the filling process the shape layers are resized to optimize picture visualization ( except the layers ocupying the whole vertical size of the album); with the "Interactive auto design" option at "Selection and preferences" you have the option to correct the auto designed sheets before they are saved to the project folder.
  • Pictures - Auto design: (Available at the right mouse button over pictures ) First open a template ( or create a new one) as usual ( double click in a template thumbnail), then select one picture in the main window and select this option at the Sheet menu. The opened template will be filled with this picture and the next ones available at the pictures main window until all the shapes layers of the templates are filled. Shape layers and pictures visibility will be optimized during the filling process. Once finished please save the sheet as usual to the projects folder.


Version 3.0 PC

  • Main window is now expandable for a better use with multiple screens
  • File type used for Copy and locate table files is now .txt
  • You may import pictures from layout using keyboard shortcut CTRL + I
  • Save as background ( Tools menu)
  • Save as mask (Tools menu)
  • Bug corrected for inserting frames at 100% to fill the whole sheet (2.2.7)
  • Windows Vista compatibility


Version 2.2.6 PC

  • Language selection is now saved for next executions.
  • Measurement system is selectable independently of the language and also saved for next executions
  • Thumbnails generation completely recoded to be faster and secure.
  • Bug when saving as template without extension corrected.
  • Now you may add a mask to a shape even if the shape has yet a mask added.


Version 2.2.0

  • Folder names are unified for all language versions.
  • Slideshow and previews are improved for visualization at lower resolutions.
  • Pictures button indicates the number of pictures displayed, depends on settings at "Selection and Preferences"
  • Sheets button displays number of sheets done for actual project
  • A completely new templates selection system. Now you may select templates from multiple folders, and even filter them by number of pictures and pictures position.


Version 2.0.9 PC

  • You may delete a picture from the project Pictures folder and their thumbnail by pressing the rigth mouse button on the thumb and selecting Delete.
  • Alfabetical order of the sheet thumbnail is now correct.
  • You may use any name to save the album sheets except those starting with "Layout", it is not anymore necessary to use "PL_"; the application will generate all the psd files at the project folder, you have to be carefull to save there only Album sheets.
  • After saving a sheet the application Beeps to let you know that the process has finished
  • You may cancel Album generation, because this is a intensive comunication process between Album and Photoshop it is possible that cancellation will not be immediate, please be patient.
  • A progress bar has been included at Album generation window
  • Generation of pending sheets has been modified, now the application will generate only the files modified after the last generation


Version 2.0.7 and 2.0.8 PC

  • More Photoshop availability control, the application will warn users if Photoshop is busy.


Version 2.0.5 and 2.0.6 PC

  • You may create the project folder at Selection and Preferences - Selection
  • You may import the pictures to the Pictures folder with Album - Import pictures menu, thumbnails are create at same time.


Version 2.0.4 PC

  • Corrected the bug to grey frame the used pictures in the actual sheet
  • Corrected the bug wich limited the pictures to be grey framed in one sheet to 20
  • Name pictures sorting optimized.


Version 2.03 PC

  • Abbility to sort the picture thumbs by exif capturing date, this will be the sorting method by default and user may change any time to alphabeticall order.