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A very important advantage of the program Album DS is that it works as a Photoshop plug-in. This gives you virtually unlimited possibilities of composition and editing.
Using the templates found in the program you can design the album in its entirety, or templates can be used as a starting point for creating your own projects. Own projects, in turn, can be saved as templates.
Using the program is simple and intuitive. Moreover, with the support of the program are well-developed video tutorials on the official site. For all questions can be obtained fast professional response by e-mail.
Each template can easily and fully automatically, can be scaled to any size. This is a great convenience during the preparation of the work to print. Scaled images stay sharp.
My positive feelings from the work program of Album DS is also shared by the recipient of my work.
I highly recommend the program for amateurs, professionals and companies associated with photography, graphics and printing.

Greetings and wishes for further successes

Album DS user sample

Album DS user sample

Album DS user sample

Album DS user sample

Album DS user sample

Album DS user sample

Dariusz Witkowski  [ Polska / Bialystok]

Parabéns pelo Programa Album DS ou (plug-in do Photoshop) tanto faz. Uma coisa é certa, este vosso Software está muito bem concebido e é uma ferramenta preciosa para o profissional de fotografia social e não só. Pode ser aplicado em imensas áreas. Trabalho com o Photoshop desde a sua versão 4 e estou perfeitamente à-vontade com este software, conheço-o profundamente e sei que posso fazer tudo o que o Album DS faz. No entanto, a fácil operação e intuição que caracteriza o Album DS permite a todos um trabalho melhor e muito mais rápido sem obstruir a imaginação do Fotógrafo nem sair do seu ambiente de trabalho. Sugere muitas e boas opções com os templates incorporados. Mas é certo e sabido que sem muito esforço, podemos transformá-los completamente, personalizando-os, de forma que o limite será a nossa imaginação. O fotógrafo mais atarefado pode simplesmente seguir as centenas de Templates do Album DS. Sou Fernando Barros, fotógrafo (profissional e Amador) 56 anos de idade Sintra, Lisboa, Portugal. Prometo no futuro deixar algum do meu trabalho aqui, só o não faço já porque a lei do direito à imagem no nosso país é rigorosa e como sabem os noivos têm que autorizar a publicação. Mais uma vez parabéns aos autores do Album DS. Façam como eu, premeiem os autores comprando o Software.

Cordiais cumprimentos

Fernando Barros    [ Portugal] 

Mi chiamo Katia, ho uno studio fotografico in Toscana, eho  un sacco di lavoro con gli album fotografici per matrimonio. Prima di conoscere album ds il mio lavoro era molto monotono perchè gli album si assomigliavano molto l'uno dall'altro. Ora mi sento finalmente libera di usare la mia immaginazione, perché posso lavorare da Photoshop, ed è molto più 'facile e divertente. Posso caricare tutte le cornici e le maschere che piu' mi piacciono e trovarle sempre. Devo ancora imparare tantissimo.., ma sono gia 'molto molto soddisfatta. I miei clienti sono felici e questa è la mia pi' grande soddisfazione. Molte grazie a Alejandro Fresno Meyer!!!!!!
Katia album sample


Katia album sample


Katia album sample


Katia album sample


Katia album sample


Katia album sample


Katia album sample


Katia album sample


Katia album sample


Katia album sample


Katia album sample


Katia album sample
Katia F.  [ Italy]

 Hola Alejando,

 Queria felicitarle por tan excelente trabajo que tanto usted como Bryan han realizado con AlbumDS, el webinar de veras que abre las puertas de este programa tan excelente. De veras que a sido hasta ahora la mejor inversión que se puede hacer como fotógrafo y la mejor heramienta para Photoshop. Una vez más gracias por tan exelente producto.

Angel Ruiz
AR Photography
Cape May, New Jersey
[ U.S.A.]

A los pocos días de descargar la demo decidimos adquirir Album DS, es el mejor software de diseño de álbumes con el que hemos trabajado. Es rápido, intuitivo, inagotable en sus posibilidades creativas, y el hecho de estar integrado e interactuar con photoshop lo hace sencillamente perfecto.Un 10 para el servicio de venta y atención al cliente, igualmente rápido y efectivo
Diego HE
[  Spain]

Bryan and Alejandro,

Gwenn & I are beyond thrilled that we purchased AlbumDS. We create custom photo wall panels and gallery ready posters for our clients. AlbumDS creates such beautiful and flowing images, that our clients are always amazed at their beauty. We were chosen to create the award panels for The National Audubon Society’s Regional chapter here in Long Beach on the 40th Anniversary of the Nature Center. The awards were given to 2 City Council Members, a local Environmental Group, and several National Audubon Directors. After the awards ceremony, several people approached to thank us for their beautiful awards, and wanted to know how they were created. Of course, we kept that our little secret!
We are in the process of negotiating right now with the National Park Service to create some posters of the monuments located at The National Mall in Washington, D.C. We are very proud that we currently have posters created using AlbumDS for sale in the DC area. One is the poster attached for the Vietnam Memorial. Created from images we took while on vacation.
We cannot thank you enough, Bryan, and Alejandro, also for your prompt responses to any questions we have had, especially after getting a new system, and then a disk crash. You have both been wonderful. We’re back up and running, now I can finish designing our new website, which of course will utilize AlbumDS.

Thank you again, for everything, but, most of all, for AlbumDS.

Michelle Baney and Gwenn Zeoli
Studio Five Six Two Photography
Long Beach, CA.. 
Studio Five Six poster made with Album DS
[  U.S.A.]

Just finished my first AlbumDS album in absolutely record time! I converted 2 sets of templates I had purchased from another vendor for use on this album --- so easy and it took hardly any time at all. Thanks for changing a chore back into something fun and beautiful!
Laura Hedin  U.S.A. ]  

I just wanted to tell you that I watched the tutorial videos which helped me alot. have now managed to make a lovely album which I am quite proud of!!  
Your programme is fabulous, and it is easy to work with once you get the hang of it.  It is so well integrated with Photoshop.
You and your team have done a great job!!  Thank you so much, my money was well spent!
[ Liz Kruger    Australia ]

I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how much I enjoy using is soooo EASY and makes putting a photobook together a snap!  Photobooks are becoming very popular with my portrait clients so having an easy to use program like AlbumDS makes creating the books fun, effortless and most of all QUICK! only problem is that there are so many fabulous templates, backgrounds and other cool stuff in AlbumDS that I find myself "playing" too much just to see what I can do with it :-)  I also have to comment on tech support.  Alejandro is GREAT! and replies within hours if not immediately and is extremely helpful and knowledgeable...Thanks Alejandro :-)  Also thanks to you Bryan for the opportunity to beta test the new AlbumDS v.6 and your prompt and helpful replies to my many emails and for the webinars, I highly recommend them.
Kate Hunter design made with Album DS
Kate Hunter design made with Album DS
Kate Hunter design made with Album DS
Kate Hunter design made with Album DS
Kate Hunter design made with Album DS
Kate Hunter design made with Album DS
Kate Hunter design made with Album DS

[Kate Hunter    USA ]   Kate Hunter Photography  

I would like to commend you on a program which has become the main stay of my workflow in creating, what has become a signature product for my wedding phtography business, - the storybook album. My only wish is that I had found Album DS sooner and saved myself many an hour of grief and hard work. I am also impressed and appreciative of the level and quality of support that you offer to your clients. I for one am a very happy customer.
Art by Lens album samples made with Album DS
Art by Lens album samples made with Album DS
Art by Lens album samples made with Album DS
Art by Lens album samples made with Album DS
Art by Lens album samples made with Album DS
Art by Lens album samples made with Album DS
Art by Lens album samples made with Album DS
Art by Lens album samples made with Album DS

[ Dave Francis  - UK ] Art by lens

First off I want to thank you for allowing me to beta test this new Album DS 6.  I believe that you have made some great improvements on this already wonderful product.
      I got a chance to view the new tutorials and see some of the new stuff.  The tutorials were very helpful b/c I am, probably like most photographers :-), a visual person.  They were easy to understand b/c you can see how to do things and not just read them and try to figure it out.  I LOVE the new album size presets like Aszuka Book and Finao (I use Finao One as my primary album to clients).  It makes it so much easier to switch from the first page to spreads for the albums as well as the different covers all for the same size album.  Now, if you had WHCC sizes for their press printed books that would great ;-).  I LOVE the new backgrounds and clipart available with this new version.   There are more choices and they are more up to date style wise.  The mouse over feature is really handy to be able to see the pictures and templates up close without having to open them completely.  I think my favorite part of this program is that you can work with it in Photoshop.  There are no other programs that I've seen that do that.
      I have included a few samples that I did in this new Album DS.  
      I think this is a wonderful program that everyone should know about.  I'll be glad to help spread the word so I'll let you know what blogs and forum posts I can write in and get some exposure for you guys.  Thanks so much again!  Just let me know if I can ever help with anything else, I would be glad to!
Gillian sample
Gillian sample
Gillian sample
[ Gillian Reinhardt  - USA ]  Gillian Reinhardt - Carolina Studios 

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your exceptional customer service and to let you know, Album DS ROCKS!   I have been working with it a great deal the last several days and it amazes me how quickly I can make and save a new template, bring in additional backgrounds and textures along with simplified creation.  Double clicking has never been so easy!

I have many examples should you care to view them.  The album I'm working on (a wedding portfolio) is coming along nicely with 44 pages completed thus far.  Not only have you and your team created a way to make templates and albums efficiently but have provided an inexhaustible method for creativity!  Thank you once again.  I sincerely appreciate it.

Have a great day!

Dave Swartz pictures
Dave Swartz pictures
[ Dave Swartz   - USA ]

 I'm so glad that I order your Album Design Software it is Off The Hook and one of a kind I started to playing with some template modification and adding different Layers, Masking by dressing and tweak just a little bit of the album Page in Photoshop oh man this is so much fun your imagination can fly beyond customer had told me that the others traditional albums design are so bored because they looks always the same with bunch of square boxes I didn't know how my customer will react Guess What WOOOOOWWWWW my customer embrace me and thanks me for the work that I taylor just for them... Please enjoy some of my design pages.
Alexis album sheet
Alexis album sample
Alexis album sample
Alexis album sample
[ Alexis L.   ]  

I have recently purchase AlbumDS and after learning how easy it is to use watching the well made tutorials its a very well laid out and intuitive program that runs inside Photoshop. AlbumDS allows you to do anything you want making your ideas fully editable. Tech support is always there to answer any and all of your questions in a professional and understandable fashion.  I wish I would have discovered this program years ago! Keep up the great work AlbumDS, you have now become an integral part of my postprocessing workflow.
Kevin P. Images
Kevin P. Images
Kevin P. Images 
[ Kevin P.    ]

My clients love how fast I have their album designed.  They are all completely amazed with how the layouts tell their wedding story in such a creative and artistic way.  I couldn't have had such a profitable year without AlbumDS.
Angie Klingenberger album sample made with Album DS
Album sample
Album sample
[Angie Klingenberger    ]

Albumds severely shortened my album creation time by hours.  The templates enclosed are wonderful! I really appreciate being able to edit current templates and create my own. - Duane

" Duane, I love it!! You did an amazing job !! And wow, how quickly you did it!!!" - Ashley M.
Duane Cochran wedding design sample
Duane Cochran wedding design sample
Duane Cochran wedding design sample

I am a wedding photographer who has tried many types of album software (Lumapix, YSI, Page Gallery and more) and always dreaded the process of making an album. Not selecting the images but the software that creates the pages is often too convoluted. I did not want to spend weeks learning something new but thought I would give Album DS a try.
What I found in Album DS was a very intuitive program that did just exactly what it was supposed to do. Make album pages and it does so in record time.

After watching the video tutorial I was able to make a page in less than 5 seconds. It took longer for me to save the file to my hard drive, than it did to make a page. What a great product! I highly recommend you just give the trial a chance and see for yourself how this has cut my workflow in HALF.

[ Joe Lacy   ]  Looking Glass Photography

I'm not sure that you'd remember me, but I'm Tina from Corvallis, Oregon, just writing a quick hello to say how much I enjoy your software!  I just designed my third album with it. For my third album, I created a sample album with, and now I'm waiting for the album to arrive and was just reflecting on how EASY it was to create the layout!  Waiting for it to arrive is HARDER than actually designing it! 

When I was talking to my rep at about albums and he asked what software I use to design albums, I told him that I use ADS in Photoshop.  He said then that he's heard positive feedback about your software from other clients, too.  

Well, that's pretty much it, just thought I'd write since I'm wide awake in the middle of the night thinking about various photography subjects, and Album DS is one of them.

Thanks again for getting the word out about Album DS in America, and a GREAT BIG thank you to Alejandro, too!
[Tina Buescher  ] 

 Most of photographers live by trial and error, internet research, and trusted recommendations.  The trick is not to spend money on those products that sound really great then after using them they become an obstacle.  I strive to find those products "tools" that make photography fun and more enjoyable overtime.  Album DS is one of those products.  It not just the amazing program automation and user-friendly interface, but CUSTOMER SERVICE, that makes the difference.  Bryan and Alejandro have been consistently responsive to my questions. 
Here are a couple examples of how the product is super cool.  The other day I resized an album that a lab said had to be a 1/4" larger and I had it done in minutes while I was talking with someone on the phone.  Here's another example, the other day, I used the auto album feature which creates the entire album with a click of mouse.  I went to finish my laundry came back tweaked a sheet here and there, sent out the unsold Engagement Album to see if my couple was interested.   Boom, they loved it and purchased on the spot!  Thanks Bryan and Alejandro for your product and your support.
[Kevin Keefer    ]

Album DS ROCKS!!!!!!
I just had to share my excitement about Album DS. WHY did I not find them earlier?? I just would get overwhelmed about designing albums and would shut down. Most of the software I tried out didn't work for me or didn't work with a Mac. This works with Mac and PC and is so dang easy that I want to make albums just for fun! Their customer service is outstanding and the tutorials are super helpful.
PS:  I just discovered something super cool about Album works brilliantly with your existing templates!!! I have all these amazing templates but just couldn't stand the cut/paste, drag/drop and the amount of steps it took to work with them...but WOW..they work with this software and I am lovin it! The cool thing is that you can give it a test drive if you want to make sure prior to purchasing. I sat down for about 2 hours yesterday and even had a couple of breaks during that time, and I completed yet another album! I love things that make my crazy life easier.
[Lisa Carpenter  ]     Wedding & Portrait Blogs - for all the latest!

Words can not describe how impressed and happy I am with Album DS. The software is simply outstanding. I have been a Photoshop user for many years. Using templates was never an option in my case... until I found  Album DS, it took my breath away by its uniqueness, variety, options and speed. There are no limits to the creativity it provides.

Now, with pride I am customizing these stunning templates and all these extras included. What's also incredible, above all, is the customer service - simply beyond expectation. This is by far, the best company in the market.

The Happiest Customer Ever,

[Maggie Habieda-Nowakowski    ]

I've always wanted a tool like the one you've created, except yours is better than what I imagined :)  It uses the one tool that I have invested a lot of time and money in, Photoshop.  I've looked into many other album design programs, but they always pulled me away from my one key application, Photoshop. On your homepage you say, "Album DS provides more than 560 templates".  This is great if all 560 matched my style, but what you forgot to tell everyone is that you can EASILY create new templates from the sheets you design.  Your templates are a great starting point and get new ideas, but each photographer has their own style.  Being able to EASILY create new templates, gives a photographer a way to build a custom reusable set of album pages that can save a LOT of time.  If you would have included this one key point on your homepage, it would have saved me a week of research into other album design software.  What can I say, Album DS was exactly the tool I was looking for.  The time I save and the fast turn around I can provide my clients more than justifies the investment in your tool.
 [April  -   Relative Photography] 

Finally, an album design program that does exactly what I want it to!

We have been working with various album design software packages for years, and each one seemed to have its own major flaw -- while many had great features, none of them seemed to get everything right.

We struggled with imprecision with other products in the lining up of  elements in a template, poor integration with Photoshop, and, worse still, program instability with software crashing frequently. I am thrilled to say that Album DS has solved all of these problems for our studio. Album design has become a much more intuitive process  and I no longer feel like I am fighting the program to get the page to match my vision.

The program has nearly every feature I want, and I truly believe it is  the best album design program available on the market. Aside from being a high-quality program, Album DS also comes complete with responsive and personalized customer service. Thank you for delivering great results in every respect!

[Laura Schoeggl   -   Wallflower Photography  ]

I made the purchase of Album DS despite having other design software that I already use - all I can say is WOW!! They need to think of another name for this. It will be great for cards, books, collages, so many products!

I have just started learning the ins and outs of it and while it is not difficult to learn IT DOES SO MUCH that it is going to take me some time to play with all the features!
I can see that it will pay for itself in time saved and many projects to offer my clients.

Try out the demo if you are unsure - then BUY IT!!

I LOVE it! I felt like I was working with my hands tied with my other design software but this one works the way my brain thinks! Or at least it humors me into thinking it does! Seriously it is so easy to put together tons of ideas and is a dream for me!
[Debbie Shoro  (U.S.A.)   ] 
I' ve checked out a lot of album design software programs and nothing comes close to the power of Album DS. What I like best about it is that it is used directly with Photoshop. I don't have to jump from one program to another, all the power of Photoshop is there. Not only can I easily modify the templates I can also create my own templates. I can also add my own action sets, masks, etc. This is brilliantly designed software!
[Tashia  Tashia's Photography ]


As a professional wedding photographer, it’s important to have the right tools to help not only do the job right, but to be able to wow your clients.  When I first found Album DS a year ago (and it wasn’t that well known yet), I was not sure what to expect for the money, and had no idea what an invaluable part of my business it would become in terms of creating amazing wedding albums in a fraction of the time I used to spend.  Now that I have been using Album DS for so long, I cannot imagine our studio working without it….. I suppose it would feel like shooting a wedding without my camera to put things into perspective.  It’s an amazing product, comes with phenomenal service from the Album DS team (Alejandro & Bryan), and has clearly changed the way we run our business as well as quality of our album designs.  I was hoping to have this product all to myself, however am glad to see such an amazing program become more and more popular amongst professional photographers these days.  I’d like to thank you for the great service, great product, and most of all making my life that much easier!!!


Matt Ramos


[Matt Ramos Photography (U.S.A.) ]


 Hi Alejandro,

This is really a great program!    I have three other versions of album designer software and none of them do what your program can do as quickly and easily.   It is intuitive and fast.   This program will be a real time saver.   Well done!

[Mike Sawyer Photography (U.S.A.)]  

Dear Alejandro,
          All I can say WOW for this kind of customer service, I mean not just your software is good your customer service is excellant. To be honest I was not expecting this kind of service.
Thanks a lot

[ Shazad K. (U.S.A.) ]



Quería primero de todo hacerte saber mi satisfacción por la adquisión de este software, cada día estoy más contenta de haberlo comprado.

[ Mayte V. (Spain) ] 



  Software, fantastico!
parabens Alejandro seu trabalho está perfeito, facil de usar, altamente intuitivo.


[ Manolo R. (Brasil) ]