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Album DS templates

To create a template of your unique style is easy, simply select Save as template from the ALBUM DS menu and you 'll get it.  But included with the software you will receive more than 1200 templates ready to be used with almost any album size available in the market. The templates are also usable for picture collages for the classic album formats, size will be automatically adjusted.

Changing backgrounds are made easily, just two clicks. Or change the color of the whole album.

And remember, you may reposition, resize and rotate the pictures places freely, you may apply a mask easily. All the templates are horizontal and vertical flippable ( a few are included for illustration purposes).

Just imagine how much templates are available flipping them ( x4) and applying any mask and/or background, thats more than 50.000.000 and you may combine masks also and frames or different templates and of course adding any text.

And because you are working with Photoshop, you may add any effect to the picture like bevels, shadows, glows, etc. Or a desaturation layer, a toning layer, a curves layer or change the blend mode of the picture. You will do all that you were doing but more simple, fast and secure.



Album DS templates