Included with the software you will receive more than 3000 templates ready to be used with almost any album size available in the market. But creating a template of your unique style is easy, simply select Save as template from the ALBUM DS menu and you’ll get it.  The templates are also usable for picture collages for the classic album formats, size will be automatically adjusted.

Changing backgrounds is straight forward, just two clicks. Or changing the color of the whole album.

And remember, you may reposition, resize and rotate the pictures places freely, you may apply a mask easily too. All the templates are horizontal and vertical flippable.

Just imagine how many templates are available flipping them ( x4) and applying any mask and/or background, thats more than 50M and you may combine masks also and frames or different templates and of course adding any text.

And because you are working with Photoshop®, you may add any effect to the picture like bevels, shadows, glows, etc. Or a desaturation layer, a toning layer, a curves layer or change the blend mode of the picture. You will do all that you were doing but more simple, fast and secure.

Take a look at the template gallery

With this add on you can easily mask any photography or create smooth transitions between them. Masks are applied to the shape layers and the effect is visible on the photography.

You may save your templates with the maks of your preference and easily change from one to another with a double click, Album DS masks inherit the shape space and position. Of course you may create your own masks expanding Album DS possibilities with your creativity.

Album DS Masks

More than 500 backgrounds are included with Album DS, from high resolution drawings to tiled patterns. Just a double click and it will be positioned at the left top corner.

And remember you are working in Photoshop® and that means you can easily modify this background by just adding a hue & saturation layer to it, or a filter, or convert to B&W, etc. Take a look at some of the backgrounds included:

Album DS Backgrounds

Album DS comes with more than 500 frames, but they are suitable to be used for any picture size. We offer two kinds of frames:

  • one simpler where you decide width and position from the pictures border, this ones are easily combinable if needed to get a more complicated design.
    Album DS Frame sample
  • and some special frames. The advantage is that they will transform automatically for the picture size without getting stretched decorations as it would happen with other software frames.
    Album DS Frame sample for Xmas

With Album DS Styles you can easily modify a picture by adding a shadow, bevel, stroke, etc; just a double click and the effect will be added to the picture.

Album DS Styles

But we have included also styles for the clipart decorations: swirls and twirls, this will transform any of the decorations by converting the color or texture in just one double click
Album DS Styles

Clipart are ever useful, you may include them for a holiday decoration or just a birthday, nicely designed clipart in Album DS will suit your needs.

And we have included also some very special clipart: swirls and twirls in vectorial format, that means you may resize them without having to worry about quality because they will ever be perfect. They place in your design as a smart object and you can easily rotate or resize; and we have included many of them to make sure you’ll find what you need.

Album DS Clipart

At Album DS we want to help you in getting the most from your pictures and therefore have added a series of extras to enhance them and make your life easier. From a glamorous touch to a painting simulation your pictures will look awesome.

Album DS includes one full year of free updates and of course technical support, you may contact us by phone or email. Emails are answered usually in less than 8 hours and we may even remotely control your computer in order to help you faster.

You don’t have to worry if you are purchasing the last version because you will ever have the last version.

And all this is for free during the first year after your purchase.

But… what happens once this year has finished ? Well, for a very low fee you may renew the updates contract and continue enjoying updates for another year or you may continue using the version you already have. The actual price for this yearly contract is 49 Euros ( + VAT if applicable) and covers until 3 licenses you may have. This price includes also new templates, backgrounds, masks, etc we may release during this year.

Your license is for lifetime and we’ll provide support for it but please understand that upgrading to last version may be necessary if you change your operating system or Photoshop® version.

Please understand that we can not offer unlimited life time downloads and updates for free, therefore we recommend you to create a backup of the downloaded files into a DVD as soon as possible. In the worst scenario you only have to reinstall the software and continue working again.

If you need to re-download the software from our server you will need to have an up to date contract, we only keep the last version in our servers. If you haven’t renewed the contract at time, don’t worry, you only need to renew it now and bring your system to the last stand.